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Top 6 Hot French Movies To Watch During Your Netflix And Chill Date In 2023

Top 6 Hot French Movies : Without a question, French films are among the most seductive in the globe. This collection is for you if you love films and want to have a great time viewing Hot French Movies. French refinement has elevated the sexual film to a whole new extreme in romance film franchises. They are nonetheless romantically stimulating, but also highly creative. You’ll like watching these classic hot French movies, which are among the best. So instead of going all gaga over “quaso” and hot chocolates, here’s a list to get you all hyped up for the date night.

6 Hot French Movies

1. Swimming Pool

A stiff British author struggles to find ideas for her next book, so her employer assigns her to his mansion in France. The entrance of a girl who professes to be her author’s child disturbs her quietness just as she begins to adjust to her new, opulent lifestyle in Southern France.

Hot French Movies
Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

2. “A Burning Hot Summer”

Paul thinks back to the summer when he first encountered Angèle and Frédéric, a hollywood actor and a moody sculptor who were involved in a stormy romance. After Frédéric encourages Paul and Elisabeth to come in with them and embrace their luxurious life in Rome, their once-happy and inspiring relationship begins to crumble.

French Movies Sexual

in Philippe Garrel’s A Burning Hot Summer, Angele (Monica Bellucci) and Frederic (Louis Garrel) make up the more tempestuous of two couples living together in Rome.

3. Hot French Movies Last Tango in Paris

Paul met a woman titled Jeanne as he was healing from the death of her spouse, who had passed away. Paul made Jeanne keep their romantic intercourse private when they abruptly began one. Afterwards, Paul vanished one day out of nowhere and reappeared a few days later. Jeanne hesitated to be around him when he returned, and when Paul insisted, she killed him to death. She did indeed execute him.

Best Erotic French Movies

Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider appear in an extremely controversial scene in erotic drama ‘Last Tango In Paris.’

4. Lila Says Hot French Movies

In this tale, 2 different characters who are experiencing various sorts of suffering interact. The young man Chimo has a tremendous gift for writing; nonetheless, he declined an offer of a fellowship to study in a Parisian school of higher learning. He met Lila, a sixteen-year-old girl, at this point. Although they were equally attracted in one another, their material situations prevented their engagement from developing. At this moment, Lila began to experience sexual harassment from Chimo’s group’s leader, Mouloud.


Hot French Movies
Sexy French Movies

5. Hot French Movies Blue Is the Warmest Colour

The complexities of a lesbian relationship is the subject of this tale. A 15-year-old girl named Adele unexpectedly experienced the intensity that only girls can feel. She discovered Emma, a blue-haired girl, while discovering herself. They had a powerful linkage, which aided in the development of a connection that developed later into a physical one.

Hot French Movies
Hot French Movies

6. Lady Chatterley Hot French Movies

Sir Clifford Chatterley is engaged to Constance, a stunning fiancee who is battling depression. Constance is a paralyzed military man. She granted Constance the chance to become pregnant with somebody since Sir Clifford desired a successor to his property. She later engaged in sexual activity with Parkin, the property’s groundskeeper, and finally became impregnated. This film is one of the most sexy and hot french movies ever produced in France.

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