3 adorable BTS Jungkook live moments that will make you smile instantly!

Although the ’97 Liner Virgo man’s birthday is still a day away, we decided to look back at some cute BTS Jungkook live moments, because why not? Seeing their sweet antics will fill your heart with warmth, and honestly, in today’s world, we can never have enough smiles to brighten our days. So to boost our decision without any excuses, here are some adorable moments of BTS Makan (youngest member) captured on their livestream broadcast, which some fans have found a good way to repost on SNS platforms. Worked out so we can watch on a loop whenever we’re feeling down. Below

Although the list is short, we wanted to share this bite-sized joy with you after fortunately watching her latest TikTok Live, which saw her dancing to Newgin’s Super Shy in the most “adorable” way possible. And now, we bring you some relatively new moments from his life to cure your sadness.

Some Cute BTS Jungkook Live Moments to Brighten Your Day

Jungkook Super Shy cover (kind of).

On August 30, 2023, Jungkook turned on his TikTok Live to interact with his fans, as he often does, and trended again on X (formerly known as Twitter) for the same. Started doing. The latest trend among K-pop artists is that they unite for dance challenge videos to promote each other’s songs, BTS members also jumped on the bandwagon to dance to the latest Newjin song which has taken the entire industry by storm. impressed with its heady tune. Although he didn’t take it as the dance challenge tradition, he enjoyed grooving to the song and as usual, BTS ARMYs found it hard to digest his cuteness.

jeon jungkook and bam

Adding to the list of Jungkook’s cutest moments, his relationship with Baam (his pet and son) is one of the cutest parts of his personality. He even joined BTS in The Soup Season 2, proving that he never shies away from showing off his son to the world.

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In one of her recent live videos of the year, she candidly shared some quality time with Bam, and even brought him forward to greet fans. If you’re a dog lover too, this cuddly interaction will definitely put a big smile on your face, You’ll also get to see Jungkook, so you’re really being treated to the best of both worlds. What more could you ask for?

Most Random 4AM Jungkook Mingyu Live

You know someone is with their best friend when they let their intrusive thoughts do the talking while they hang out, but in this case, it sets an example not only for the people involved but for BTS ARMY and Carat also brought joy to both fans. After this event, a lot of “Armicarets” were born. If there’s anyone outside of BTS who’s closest to the septet’s youngest member from within the K-pop industry, it’s the ’97 Liner Squad featuring Seventeen’s Mingyu, DK & The 8, Astro’s Cha Eun-woo, GOT7 K. Yugyom is included. and BamBam, and NCT’s Jaehyun.

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While each of their hindering and conflicting schedules does not allow them to come together as a unit, Jungkook, Mingyu, and Eunwoo get together especially often. But recently, SEVENTEEN released their 10th mini-album with SUPER as their power-packed leading single, and Jungkook made his solo debut with SEVEN, making it especially for Mingyu and his dance challenge video. This again created more opportunities for the pair to pair up for the shoot. Every song.

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And it’s around this time that the two suddenly went live for a few minutes via Jungkook’s account one day, making it one of their shortest live streams to date. The drinking buddies were seen laughing throughout the video and then quickly going offline (Mingyu earned a few lessons from his “sundae” on how to engage in impromptu chat sessions with his fans), which was totally hilarious. Shouts from “Anarchic Best Friends” energy in every way.

We’re sure you have your own list of favorite Jungkook Weavers Live moments. Share them with us in the comments section below.

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